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Technical / Technology Due Diligence

A "360 degree" view of the business and its technology is assessed; strengths and weaknesses of the technology and team are uncovered, market evaluation and differentiators determination are valued. We critically review and assess the strategy, technology, products, quality, process, operations, service, support, management and technical team. A written evaluation is distributed and presented to key stakeholders.
The methodology for this service was developed by our founder, Dr. Karl Schubert, and has been successfully applied to a wide range of technologies over the past 15 years and has been used by many venture capitalists.

Computer Forensics Technology AnalysisInformation technology is now the home of evidence that can be used for or against an organization and consequently is its biggest liability. Computer Forensics Technology Analysis is a service that pro-actively, or re-actively, assesses the "correctness" of a technology solution in a legal sense. That is, does it do what it is supposed to do? Additionally, we can provide litigation support and electronic evidence discovery and bring the best forensic analysis approaches to leverage.

Over the past forty years, Dr. Schubert has been involved in Computer Forensics Technology Analysis including identifying and detecting electronic intrusion, architecting and designing DoD-classified security support in computer systems, and evaluating embedded systems devices for correctness.

Technology Strategy Creation, Analysis, and Review

Technology strategy is the template by which a company, its executive leadership, and the teams responsible for providing services and support can anchor where they are to where they need to be. It is a basis for testing all key decisions: "does this fit into our strategy and does it move us in the right direction?" A properly created technology strategy fully supports the company’s business strategy and financial strategy. Independent review and "course correcting" and/or "fine tuning" the technology strategy to adapt to changing business conditions can provide a significant competitive edge.

Dr. Schubert has led, assisted, and consulted on the creation of hundreds of strategic plans for corporations, divisions, start-ups, Venture Capital-funded start-ups, industry associations, and non-profit corporations.
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Product Development Strategy & Implementation

This service provides a methodology for product development and delivery; how it is architected, designed, created, tested, released, serviced, and supported. The methodologies used, and checks and balances put in place have major impacts on ensuring that products and services needed by customers match business plans and are delivered on time, on budget, and with the agreed-upon quality. Best methodologies are implemented for ensuring that objectives are met. The approach considers creating new development processes and adapting existing processes to the needs of the business instituting diagnostics, auditing, and validating, and iteratively improving existing strategies and implementations.

Dr. Schubert has been directly involved in developing and leading Product Development Strategy & Implementations in a wide variety of industries including: chemical, electronics manufacturing, information technology, software applications and services, consumer products, electronic evidence discovery (EED), professional photography, and Department of Defense (DoD).

Technology Acquisition and Integration

Oftentimes the quickest gains can occur through Technology Acquisition and Integration. This can enable faster-time-to-market and entry into adjacencies if done with proper evaluation, planning, and execution of the technology acquisition and the integration.
Key to success is having the experience to recognize the state in which the technology of interest is, and the requirements for integration. Evaluating the parties involved for technology and business alignment is a critical step in ensuring profitability and success.
Over the past more than thirty years, Dr. Schubert has led teams and been involved in the identification and evaluation of thousands of technologies and has been involved in hundreds of successful Technology Acquisition and Integration projects.

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Our Customers are…

  • CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Software & Hardware Manufacturers
  • Legal – Computer Forensics
  • IT Departments

Some Clients

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Department of Defense
  • Computer Forensics Services
  • US Navy
  • Panasas
  • Motion Computing
  • Valere Power
  • New Enterprise Associates
  • Austin Ventures
  • Daticon
  • Universities